Why Water?

◦More than 1 in 6 people in the world don't have access to safe drinking water.

◦1 out of every 4 deaths under the age of 5 worldwide is due to a water-related disease.

◦Nearly 80% of illnesses in developing countries are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions.

◦Clean water doesn't just save lives, it changes them... forever.

The numbers concerning global water issues are staggering. In excess of 1 billion people-about four times the population of the United States-lack access to clean, safe water, and 6,000 people die each day because of water-related illnesses. The situation is particularly grave in Ghana, where waterborne diseases are rampant.

We are making an effort to bring new wells that deliver clean water to villages in Ghana, operate on the belief that it's better to try and fail than to have never tried at all. And so far, we're succeeding, one well at a time.

While we didn't know the first thing about well construction, we did meet others, who had worked on various clean water initiatives, and who were able to help us in areas in dire need of water access. We were able to employ the research and physical construction of two wells were constructed.


We need sponsors for a water project: and bring more wells to more villages that can profoundly impact the livelihood of an entire village. 

This is perhaps our most common question. 

What does it cost to build a well, from start to finish? On average, project costs range from $4,500 -  $6,500.

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