David & Barbara Kalb
AME/Ghana Christian University College

David and Barbara Kalb have had the privilege of serving with Ghana Christian University since February, 1972. During his first furlough, David completed the classroom work for his master’s degree at Cincinnati Bible Seminary. He completed his thesis and received his graduate degree in 1979. The only other ministry David has had was to serve as the senior minister of the Hempfield Church of Christ in Greensburg, Pennsylvania from 1979 to 1988.

Today, David teaches New Testament, Theology, and Apologetics at Ghana Christian University. He has been very active for many years in helping to plant numerous new congregations in the Christian Church brotherhood throughout Ghana, especially in the far North. 

Barbara is an Instructor of 7th grade Bible at the American Int’l. School (A.I.S.) in Accra. In addition to Bible, she tutors children with learning disabilities, and is completing an on-line course for “Teaching English as a Second Language”. Barbara serves as the volunteer Projects Coordinator of the North American Women’s Association. NAWA is a charitable organization which raises funds to help Ghanaian women and children throughout the country.

David wears many hats in his work at Ghana Christian University.  He teaches New Testament Theology in the morning, then operates the grader, backhoe or tractor in new campus construction in the afternoons.  He is frequently invited to be a guest speaker at various churches in Ghana, including a congregation for the deaf in Accra.  David is also very active in supporting several evangelists and new church works in the far North of Ghana, mainly among the Muslim population.  Very recently he helped relocate a GCU graduate to a brand new mission field in Niamey, Niger, W/A.  The start of this new work has been an answer to many prayers for a very long time.  There is no doubt God is blessing the work in Ghana!

The Kalb’s have 3 grown sons, 4 lovely granddaughters and 1 long-awaited grandson born Jan. 16, 2008.