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Greetings from Ghana and the Kalb’s.

First off and very important…David and I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who gave special year-end gifts to the mission! We had more than enough money to finish all the projects we had underway, and David is now planning a trip North in May since he wasn’t able to go in December. THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH!

Please pray for evangelist Philip Akwasi in Saboba, Northern Ghana. Philip was traveling to Togo, Ghana’s neighbor to our East, to register the churches he has been working with in Togo, and was hit by another motorcycle on the road. Philip sustained a badly dislocated shoulder but NO broken bones and we truly praise God for that! The town of Saboba, Ghana, is only a short distance from the Togo border and Philip has been working with the churches there for quite some time. Togo officials say these churches must be registered now with their government, so please pray Philip can accomplish that without too much trouble and expense. You may remember at Christmas time we told you Philip had been diagnosed again with typhoid fever. He didn’t get better so went to a bigger hospital in another town and he was diagnosed with severe stomach problems by a Cuban doctor there, not typhoid. Philip asked us for $600 to buy the first round of medicine and we wired the money up right away. He is doing better now but has to have another course of meds soon. He will be forced to rest more with the shoulder dislocated, so hopefully he can get stronger in every way while he recuperates. Philip is a powerful evangelist and badly needed in the North. Please pray for a complete recovery of stomach and shoulder.

At present GCU is hosting a 10 member team from Cincinnati Christian University here. The students are on Spring break and most of them are here to see how missions actually operate on the field. The team leader is Dr. Bill Baumgarder and there are 5 ladies and 4 young men. The team has had several very unusual culture things to see first hand in the 2 ½ days they’ve been here. They passed a Ghanaian funeral with everyone in red and black traditional cloth, witnessed a small portion of a chief being “enstooled” (officially declared chief), and today they witnessed 4 dead cows on the road to church which had been killed by a dump truck that apparently lost its brakes going down hill and crashed into the herd of cattle crossing the road at the time. One steer was lodged under the front frame of the dump truck and the other 3 had already been pulled off to the side. That’s a lot of culture for 2 ½ days in-country! The team will sit in on GCU classes, meet with various faculty members, have dinner with many college staff and just find out as much as possible about working in missions. It’s fun to see Ghana anew through their eyes. Everything here is now commonplace to us.

The GCU administration has made some changes to the class schedule, so final exams will now be the last week of April and first week of May. David will go North immediately after getting those grades recorded and handed in. The Higher Certificate Course, formally a 3 year program, has been cut back to 2 years, which we are not happy about because we feel that extra year was very important to students who struggle with English and take some time to understand what’s being taught. Presidential pre-election campaigns last November suggest that Ghana government cut all 4 year college degree programs back to 3 years, another thing we are not happy about, but this change may or may not come about, we’ll keep you posted. Ghana government is trying to allow as many young people as possible to have a college education, so they’ve proposed cramming all 4 yr. courses into 3 years, then add the first year of college to the high school program. If the government makes this law, GCU will have no choice but to oblige.

Please keep the Tim Bright family in prayer. Tim’s dad died March 2nd and they have many things to settle up. Tim is from Ohio and on the GCU faculty. Mr. Bright was 95 years old and had served quite a few churches over the years as their senior minister.

David and I will be home for 6 weeks this summer for his annual medical check ups and visit with the family. We are planning a full one-year furlough from Summer, 2010 to Summer, 2011. During that time we plan to visit as many supporting churches as possible. If you have a special date that you’d like us to reserve for your congregation, please let us know anytime from now. These next 15 months will go very fast indeed!

We have finally finished the 2008 Financial Report and you may request a copy from us or our FA.
Thank you again for the terrific financial help you gave us in December, we are VERY grateful!

In His Service,

David and Barbara Kalb

Kalb's Field Address: P.O. Box DD-159, Dodowa, Ghana, West Africa, Email

In Christian Love,

David & Barbara Kalb

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